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JPP Production LLC, recommends for the assembly of an event to be successful, the following keys, seeking to impact the attendees and satisfy the client with an unforgettable experience.

1.   Analyze and design

According to the space, number of attendees and the center of the event, budget, but always thinking about the safety and quality of the work. This allows for good planning and therefore successful execution.

2.  Innovate and be creative

With leadership and empowerment of the theme being original.

3.  Space

We must take into account the capacity of space that is available both horizontally or vertically because this will depend on the atmosphere with the sound, lights and their effects. So we must optimize the spaces, for this it is recommended that the center of the event (stage) you must mount it against a wall or in a corner to save space; on the contrary, if you have a soccer field, an arena you might think that the center is a great option, but remember that this will depend on the number of attendees. If there are space limitations you must play with the setting using elements that generate the feeling of spaciousness such as mirrors.

4.  Wiring, installation and safety of equipment and personnel are critical

So they must secure the space and routes of the wiring; as far as possible that everything is under the stage, this allows to gain space and comfort.

5. Sound

The assembly of sound is fundamental in an event and more on the stage that is the center of attraction of the attendees, this is why the sound must cover the entire space, with clarity as if it were on stage, so it is recommended that you analyze the space the points where echo can be produced to mitigate them and produce a clean sound.

6. Lighting

Like sound, lighting is fundamental for the success of the event and the highlighting of the stage, so before the assembly you must perform analysis of the type of event, of space and theme; and thus choose the best combination of colors, equipment and lighting techniques (fixed LED lights, mobile, laser lights, perimeter lighting, use of equipment for effects) that allow innovation from creativity. Those who integrate lighting with sound and stage, generate striking spaces not only visually, but auditorily transforming and generating unforgettable experiences.

7. Decoration

For this the size of the space is fundamental since, if you have small spaces and the attendees are many, the ornaments must be large so that they are visualized, and impact; if on the contrary the space is small and few attendees the ornaments and the atmosphere must be small with good finishes.

8. Safety inspection

 Use at the time of design an inspection must be made of the space where the event will be held, identifying the conditions and elements it has, so you can optimize resources (screens, cameras, lighting, panels among others) and time in the assembly. The combination of lighting and sound are the complement to the setting of the stages according to the customization of the event and type of event, whatever it may be.

9. Tests

During the assembly it is essential to carry out tests that ensure that everything works very well (light, sound, spaces, atmosphere among others) and that they will live an unforgettable experience.

10. Stage dismantling

Keep in mind that the equipment, wiring, lights, ambience is completely removed and leave the place as it was given to you for assembly. Ensure the safety of your professionals.

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