JPP Production LLC, sound is very important in events; it is the product with which the company became known and started to venture into the integration of services that are required in an event to be amazing. First, we do the analysis of space to make the plans and identify what kind of sound system is needed and in which area is needed to give the best sound for the event, optimizing the resources and the financial disposition of the client. For JPP Production LLC all attendees of the event must perceive the highest quality sound. 

Sound production is essential for JPP Production LLC, which is why we have the diversity of equipment necessary for the event. A small event has different requirements than a large event. or an outdoor event than an indoor event. JPP Production LLC analyzes the event and the type of sound required if it is background music, live music, D.J, conferences, seminars, concerts, social events such as marriage, birthdays among others. 

JPP Production LLC has sound equipment such as:  

  •  Digital and Analog Consoles MIDAS and Behringer - Backline
  • Original system DAS, NEXO, MARTIN line array system; 3 Way or 4-way in stereo, Line Array dB Technologies  

  • Long draft loudspeakers  

  • Power amplifiers (brands LABGRUPPEN -QSC-NEXO) Traditional QSC and dB Technologies  

  • Low 18Sound and B&C  

  • Portable racks  

  • Wiring type

  • Brand connectors

  • Shure and Sennheiser microphones 


In JPP Production LLC we have a qualified workers that are ready to solve any problem that can appear before or during an event such as: 

  •  Problems with sound dispersion (especially in open spaces).  
  • Echoes  

  • Low  

  • Coupling or feedback  

  • Lack of sound  

  • Poorly placed speakers very low  

  • Poor forecast of batteries or batteries of wireless devices 

 In JPP PRODUCTION LLC we have an experienced team qualified to work in the assembly of any type of event such as: 

  •  Sporting events.  
  • Concerts.  

  • Social events such as marriages, birthdays.  

  • Academic events. 

We Diversify